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iPad Pro because 3 feature

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When Apple launched the iPad Air last year, the company tried to focus the announcement on its slim, lightweight design and how it enhanced the tablet experience for users. The subtext, however, suggested that Apple would deliver a new tablet at some point in the near future that would be known as the iPad Pro.

Description : iPad Pro because 3 feature

1. A bigger screen, please

If Mobile World Congress taught us anything last month, it’s that Apple’s competitors see a possible opportunity in bigger screen sizes. Nearly all of the company’s competitors, most notably Samsung, offer devices that come with displays that dwarf the 9.7-inch offering found in Apple’s iPad.


2. All those features we don’t have yet

Any discussion on the iPad needs at least one catch-all category and this one is it. I want the iPad Pro to come with all of the features we haven’t been allowed to have in the iPad and iPad Air.

So, what exactly am I looking for? Give me a Thunderbolt port and near-field communication, Apple. It’d also be nice to have some stylus support, and having a processor that could match lightweight notebooks is always appreciated.


3. A stretch: Dual-Boot iOS and OS X

Although there are myriad things we’d like to see in the iPad Pro, why not finish this one off with a bit of a stretch: a dual-boot iPad Pro.

It seems increasingly clear that Apple is unwilling to ditch OS X and use iOS across its product line, but the company could potentially build a product in the iPad Pro that could work with existing desktop applications, as well as mobile apps.

The “Pro” name should mean something; it should say to the world that Apple is willing to provide the featureset today’s power users want to get their work done. Furthermore, it can signify just how far tablets have come and how well they’ve performed at replacing lightweight notebooks as computing products of choice.

A dual-boot iPad Pro would satisfy those who want the mobile experience, but could also offer a wealth of opportunities for customers who want more functionality. It might also open a new world for developers to capitalize on.

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