Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS cycle have useful.
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Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS cycle have useful.

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Its name holds a clue to who Garmin had in mind when designing the unit ? riders who are planning to spend longer days in the saddle, who want navigational aids and the capability to record some data, but don?t need the full shebang of power, weather forecasts and extensive connectivity. So it's more of a route planner than a performance tool. Garmin is one of the biggest names when it comes to bike-mounted GPS devices, and the Edge Touring Plus plugs a gap in its range: it has the sat nav capabilities of the top-level Edge 810 without the cost or complexity.

Description : Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS cycle have useful.

The Edge 510 does all that and more, adding support for heart rate and cadence (how quickly you’re pedalling) sensors that provide useful stats for training, but at more than double the cost. The Edge 810 goes one step further and offers turn-by-turn directions on the move - a powerful feature that can be a godsend if you live in a large city.

And route finding is where the Touring Plus really comes into its own. It works like a sat nav in a car, but with maps tailored for cycling (it comes loaded with the Garmin Cycle Map microSD card covering the UK and Europe).

Menus let you specify whether you want to stay on roads or use cycle paths (or off-road trails for mountain biking), it can display cycling points of interest, and there are the usual navigate to a point and return home options.

You can upload routes from your computer, manually or through Garmin’s software, and once complete, ride data can be downloaded and used on Strava and the like. If you don’t have a specific destination in mind but just want to ride a certain distance, you can use RoundTrip routing: get yourself a GPS fix, plug in roughly how far you want to ride, and the Touring Plus will suggest three different routes to choose from. The ability to set waypoints and move them around is also useful.

The physical unit of the Touring Plus is the same as the Edge 810; same dimensions, same screen size (3.6 x 5.5cm) and definition. The 160 x 240 pixel screen offers enough detail and colour to give a decent enough display to be usable while riding. In order to save the battery, the screen darkens between junctions, but brightens as you approach, and there are audible notifications to alert you too. As with other Garmin unis, you can adjust which data is on display to suit your preference.

Garmin’s range of GPS bike computers is so big that it’s difficult to decide which one suits you best until you’ve tried them all. Luckily, we have: the Edge 200 tracks where you’ve been and how fast you were going, it’s the cheapest model and will get you up and running on fitness-tracking sites like Strava. Unless you’re training seriously or want sat-nav directions

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